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Garrett Eckl is a musician, audio programmer, and educator currently based in Rochester, NY. In 2022 he obtained his M.M. in Computer Music from The Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hopkins University, doing research in the areas of AI assisted composition, algorithmic composition, and plug-in development.

Eckl currently serves as the Associate Director of Engineering at RIFFIT, developing a real time text-to-song platform. His primary responsibility is RIFFIT's core music technology, including a multi-genre AI powered algorithmic composition system, a digital instrument collection, and a dynamic mixing interface.

Throughout his collegiate programs, Eckl has been hired as a tutor, class grader, and disability assistant. Eckl has also developed software for use in music education. This includes a self-modifying JIT-compiled audio plug-in for learning DSP and an application used to determine the most effective modulation between two keys.

Eckl also periodically works as an audio engineer. He is credited as the lead mix engineer on San Diego State’s 2019 Fall musical “She Loves Me”, and composer Joseph Water’s debut opera “The Magic Hummingbird”. He has also served as a producer on countless records, spanning from Rock and Pop, to Jazz and Classical.

In his free time, Eckl releases music through his alternative solo project Your Name Here. Through the combined power of audio, video, and the internet, Your Name Here aims to tell stories with an overarching narrative. In 2020 Your Name Here released its debut album "Graduation At The Apocalypse", and it was followed up by the 2021 EP "Death Of The Eldest Koelsh Brother. Eckl is currently working on the next Your Name Here record.